What is auto detailing and why should I use it?

A good, strong and well-kept car can be the pride of any man. The only problem is that when the car is used regularly (and it should be used for that!), it gradually becomes dirty. The effect is easy to predict - both the car body and the interior gradually lose its beauty. But this can be prevented!

What is auto detailing and why should I use it?

How to restore the car's radiance

If you think it is enough to use the car wash regularly - you are wrong. Yes, it will prevent dirt build-up and make the car body look good, but... Well, do you mean "good", or would you prefer your car to shine with a new one and constantly look like a freshly brought out of the factory? The question is rather rhetorical, and the answer is obvious. The solution is auto detailing (also called car detailing). What is hidden under this name? A service, or rather a set of services in which both the car body and windows and the interior of the vehicle are subject to careful, multi-stage cleaning combined with renovation measures. Compared to ordinary car washing, auto detailing is diametrically different. There can be no question of fast action. Everything takes place for hours, for several days in a row. Stage by stage, with maximum possible precision, outside and inside the car. So that at the end no detail can spoil the total impression your vehicle makes.

Auto detailing is not just washing

What is important is that throughout the entire "operation", not only are the stains removed, but also, of course, minor defects are removed as far as possible. Small discolourations of the paint, small scratches, many of such defects can be easily eliminated, so that they do not disfigure the perfect image of the car. At the same time, the paint itself is also polished, which further improves the appearance of the car. There is one more step that can be taken in auto detailing, namely securing the body for the future. This is done by applying an invisible protective layer, which makes it difficult for some time for dust and dust particles to stick together.


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