How to remove scratches from a car window?

Scratches from car windshield wipers, scratches from removing the windshield with a scraper, or even an imprinted souvenir from a cat walking around the car - there can be many reasons for the scratches on a car window. However, regardless of their source, every scratch on the windshield makes the visibility drop. What if there are scratches on the glass? How do I remove scratches from my car window?

How to remove scratches from a car window
The windscreen in a car, or rather its transparency, is a prerequisite for safe driving. Not everyone realizes that even minimal damage to the windscreen in the driver's field of vision significantly reduces visibility and distorts reality. Even a seemingly clean windshield can leave a lot to be desired. Scuffs and blurring are undesirable, not to mention scratches. All of this affects the optics and driving safety. And what to do once these have appeared? We tell you how to remove the scratches from a car window!

Scratches on the windshield: the causes

There is one universal truth about glass - glass is easy to scratch, but much harder to smooth out. The second truth is that no matter how much we take care of a car window, scratches are a natural consequence of using the vehicle. The older the car is, the more scratches there will be. Some scratches on the windshield can be caused by our negligence, such as using damaged wiper blades or improper cleaning and care of the glass. However, most of these cracks will be independent of us. Scratches on glass can be caused by hailstorms, cats or birds walking through it. Even a seemingly harmless insect can leave a reminder of itself. The glass will be easily scratched by stones that fly out of the wheels of the vehicles that precede us. They are also a natural sign of exploitation...

Prevention is better than cure: how to avoid scratches on the glass?

We should take care of the glass to minimise the risk of further scratches. The easiest thing to do and the most effective way to do that is to pay special attention to car windshield care. Avoid rigid rags and materials with stitching. Remember also that newspapers so popular for polishing are not the best solution at all, because stiff paper can lead to many scratches. Use kitchen towels or soft microfibre cloths to clean car windows. Avoid glass washing powders, and choose only the chemicals you want to use. You can also use special pastes or fluids to polish your windshields. Under no circumstances should we use sandblasted sponges, which can only make the glass worse. Also, pay attention to the condition of car wipers. Remember that you should decide to change your feathers once a year. The replacement itself will reduce the risk of creating scratches or tarnishes on the windshield. Never use dry wipers, because they are the most common source of scratches.

How to remove scratches from the glass?

To start with, let's face it - very deep scratches on the glass are usually impossible to remove. We can, of course, ask for help from specialists who will first polish the glass properly, and only then will undertake polishing. Sometimes, however, it may turn out that these treatments will be more expensive than, for example, replacing the entire pane. Let's also bear in mind that attempts at mechanical polishing of scratches can only result in the creation of additional cavities, which will not only distort the optics, but above all prevent the wipers from working freely. By polishing the scratched glass, we will not eliminate deep scratches, but we will surely remove the dirt and tarnish from them. The object can be made to small scratches, which are particularly visible in sunlight. We can try to deal with them on our own. For this we will need glass polishing paste and appropriate felt. We may be dizzy by a wide range of specifics, which differ not only in their purpose but also in the level of abrasion.

Removing scratches from a car window: step by step

Before you start any action on your lynx, remember to wash your car thoroughly. Then prepare yourself a polishing paste and felt. Electric polishers can make things easier, but you can fight small scratches by hand. It is important not to polish the glass in one place, but to move the felt on a wider piece of glass. In this way we will avoid the so-called lens. It has been assumed that the safest way to polish an area up to 40 cm around the scratch is to polish it, bearing in mind that at the key point the polishing should be stronger and more energetic. When polishing, remember that the remains of the worn glass may remain on the felt and thus cause new scratches. The same applies to dried pieces of polishing paste.

  1. Wash and dry the car window thoroughly.
  2. Prepare felt and polishing paste.
  3. Do not polish the scratch on the windshield itself, and the area is about 40 km. Polish in the key area with more forceful movements.
  4. Polishing the car windshield is more effective if you heat the glass to 40⁰C. Too much heat can cause the glass to break. To keep the glass cool, use cool water by spraying it gently and rubbing it with your hand.
  5. Watch out for any residual dried paste or polished glass on the felt - it can lead to further damage.


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