Auto detaling

Auto detailing is an innovative comprehensive vehicle renovation service. It consists of a comprehensive process of cleaning, renovation and maintenance of the car in order to refresh it and prolong its durability. Interior detailing can include, for example, washing the seats, cleaning the upholstery, ceiling and all interior components and refurbishing the boot. Such interior renovation should be as detailed as possible to achieve the desired results.

Auto Detaling

Exterior detailing.

External detailing usually involves the regeneration of bodywork, tyres and windows, so it applies to all external parts of the vehicle. When it comes to paint maintenance, the auto detailing process can be much more complicated. First of all, the car workshop, which will undertake such a task at the beginning must clean the body, i.e. remove all impurities on the outside of the car, for example by selecting appropriate chemicals. The next step may be the stage of body polishing, which can be done manually or by means of devices. A special polishing machine polishes the paint layer. This procedure contributes to removing all scratches and oxidation from the paint. Applying the right protective layer, for example a special type of wax, is the so-called proper phase of car maintenance.

Ceramic coating

This is followed by the final stage, i.e. the application of a ceramic protective coating to protect against weather conditions such as intense sunlight. As a result, you can get the so-called mirror effect on the car body, i.e. a glossy paint. Every driver may consider such a renovation of the car. Especially car detailing is recommended for vintage cars, where the natural passage of time can cause some damage to the car, and we want it to still look like straight from the living room at the time of glory. Auto detailing is also worth considering for people who trade in cars. Such a refreshment can be an easy and quick way to increase the value of a car. Interestingly, it does not only concern cars, but also scooters, quads, helicopters and planes. In these vehicles, such detailing is also a complex and complicated service to restore the former glory.

Detection of all cars

Interestingly, such a renovation is applied not only to old vehicles, but also to completely new ones, those straight from the car dealership, so that their bodies can be more universal. These activities primarily increase the market value of the vehicle and, as mentioned, also increase its life span. The value of a well conducted auto detailing increases the price of a car by up to several percent, so such a service is almost an investment of our money. Additional advantages of this process are the fact that cars subjected to such a process are washed faster and such a car requires thorough repairs and replacement of individual components much less often. You have to be careful to whom you devote your car to, because using the wrong chemicals can cause more damage than good. Inaccurate selection of chemicals can make holes in the seats or in the body of the car. Besides, inhaling substances of unknown origin can also be harmful to the health of car owners.

The price of auto retailing

Therefore, it is best to go with such a service to a proven company that focuses primarily on quality and safety. After such a procedure, no even the slightest damage to the car, either exterior or interior, like cavities in the material on the seats, is visible. The process of detailing itself does not take long, and its average price for the whole is about one thousand - two thousand PLN. The cost of such a service depends exactly on the scope of refreshment and size of the car. Companies offer various packages of services, for example, the interior package itself, or only legal carpets or ozone disinfection. It is possible to order, for example, a cost-saving version, that is, only one service. The exact price lists vary from one company to another.


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