Test of sealants and waxes – the beginning

The whole test and its description did Colin.

So, after applying X product on X vehicles while not being able to really compare them, I’ve decided to apply all on the same car: my small “daily” that I use in town.

The principle of this test is to divide the car in multiple areas in order to be able to compare multiple products. The majority of the products are of normal type, available in most of our favorite shops, except for the 4nano brand but I’ll come back to it. I will post a follow-up of different products every 2-3 weeks, with photos and videos. If possible, the test will last till the winter ends.

OK, let’s go!

Here it is at the start, it is not dirty because I washed it last week.

It’s 2 years old and in good condition. It has been protected around 3 months ago with 2 layers of Naviwax Ultimate, preceded with a cleaner. The windows have been protected with Gtechniq G5 at the same time as the body.

Quite condensed snow foam is needed: 100ml of GC Citrus Wash & Clear + 100ml of Surfex HD + 150ml of VP Orange Snow Foam, along with water. After that, 2 bucket wash with the rest of the foam + a substantial dose of CG Citrus Wash & Clear. Despite all this, the protection is still holding on a little bit, the one on the windows have not been washed out at all!

The car is then put inside and dried with a drying MF et then:

The Blaster is a very, very efficient machine! That much power for such a small volume! In less than 5 min, there is no one drop of water left, especially in the areas that are difficult to get to, the joints, around the side-mirrors and behind their glass – very useful! :)

The car is almost not swirled, it makes me feel better about my washing technique.

Before dividing the car into zones, I’m going to use a slightly abrasive cleaner: the Dodo Juice Lime Prime with the Flex. I first tried with a Meguiar’s MF pad but it left a haze so I switched to a Sonus polishing pad.

The car is ready!

Here are the pictures of the products.

The sealants on the left, the waxes on the right:

The AIO on the left and the products dedicated to wheels on the right:

The hood is divided in 4 for the AIO, applied with a German applicator:

    Zaino ZAIO
    Optimum GPS (a very good product, quite abrasive, I’ve tested it lately on a Porsche)
    Finish Kare #215
    Carlack 68

The right side is divided in 8 areas for 8 sealants:

    4nano pro Aqua (Nanotech based products from Poland. For this product, the working period is listed as 6 months, its liquid as water, can be used with a WOWO with no marks at all. Very easy to use.)
    Finish Kare 1000p Hi-temp paste wax
    Wolfgang DGPS (The surface has first been prepared with a Wolfgang PPE pass using a foam pad.)
    Zaino ZCS
    Zaino Z2 (+Zfx)
    Chemical Guys V07
    Menzerna Power Lock
    Chemical Guys Jet Seal 109

The left side is divided in 8 zones for 8 waxes:

    Swissvax Concorso
    Chemical Guys Pete’s 53
    Collinite 476’s
    Polish Angel Concours de Beauty
    Naviwax Ultimate
    Finish Kare #2685
    Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax
    Swissvax Shield

2 layers of every wax and sealant have been applied. All the areas that were not a part of the test received 2 layers of Zaino Z2, since I’ve already prepared some for the test (with the Zfx), I’ve used it up to finish the car.

Every wheel was treated differently. 2 tires are coated with the same product, since I’ve only had 3 different ones.

    Chemical Guys Wheel Guard
    Poorboy’s Wheel Sealant
    Swissvax Autobahn
    4nano Rim Protect

A work-in-progress photo…:

…and once finished:

Some pictures a few days later, in the evening after the rain.

Sealants side.

Waxes side.

CG Butter Wet Wax.

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