Maserati GT Sport

Recently to ASDEC came five years old Maserati GT Sport :) for a decent refreshment and protection with a coating.

Steps quite standard:
– thorough washing and decontamination using the product of Valet Pro (foam), ADBL (Shampoo, Vampire, Tar&Glue, Tire Cleaner, APC, Green’gine, Wheel Warrior) + several types of clay bars
– removing the old protective film with the help of the hair dryer and water
– two-step paint correction using Rupes machines and pads, Royal Pads, Meguiar’s D300 i M205
– polishing glass with CeriGlass
– cleaning the interior with Colourlock, ADBL and Sonax
– protection with Kamikaze ISM Coat (paint, chromes, plastics), Sonax Nano Paint Protect (wheels), 4nano Tire Shine (tires) and SCS Titanium Glass Guard (glass)

– removing the old film is not a simple job ­čśë – you need to be very careful because the film every now and then breaks or / and crumbles
– paint was very difficult to work with, soft and firmly holding the remains of compounds (sticky paint) – needed a lot of various attempts and patents to finish it well without leaving a small holograms and haze

Several photos showing how the car looked upon arrival:


During work.




The car is ready.


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  1. Cze┼Ť─ç Piotr,
    Musz─Ö przyzna─ç (chocia┼╝ nikt mnie nie zmusza) ┼╝e jestem pod wra┼╝eniem tego Maserati. Tzn. pod wra┼╝eniem tego co z nim zrobi┼ée┼Ť

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