Jaguar XKR

Five years old Jaguar XKR :) came to ASDEC specially from Poland for a decent refreshment and good protection. We worked together with its owner.

Completed tasks:
– thorough washing and decontamination using products of Shiny Garage (foam), ADBL (Shampoo, Vampire (deironizer), Tar&Glue, Tire Cleaner, APC, Green’gine, Wheel Warrior) + several types of clay bars
– two-step paint correction using Rupes machines, Royal Pads, Meguiar’s D300 and Polish Angel Invincible
– cleaning the interior with Colourlock, ADBL and Sonax
– protection with Polish Angel Cosmic (two layers on paint, chromes, plastics), 4nano Rim Protect (wheels), 4nano Tire Shine (tires) and SCS Titanium Glass Guard (glass)

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